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inTiTernational ! 😍😍😍

So this morning's swim I met Sian ( my partner in the Bluetits)  in Tenby on north beach.
Sun shining, blue sky with just a touch of a breeze. As we walked along to where we would park our stuff we chatted and in usual Sian style made some noise to get everyone's attention 😂😂
We got into our costumes and as we walked along the sand to the Sea I spotted a man just watching us,  we get that a lot, more in winter obviously 😂 , I greeted him with a "hello" , I got a "hi there" back in an American accent ,he then struck up the usual conversation of "isn't it cold in there" etc  " oh we just love it we replied" . Sian in her usual playful self asked if he'd like to Join us, he hesitated so I chimed in that we'd look after him.
After a few seconds of what we could see was a bit of do I don't I join these mad ladies he agreed and in luck as I'd brought my robbie and towel!
He had shorts on underneath his jogger's so I assumed he'd been running along the beach.....
I couldnt get rid of the feeling I knew him, from where I don't know.
We introduced ourselves and explained about starting up a group called the Bluetits. He laughed and thought it was an amazing play on words!  Great I thought, he has a fab sense of humour so he'll fit right into our group!
His name was David so we immediately called him dai.
As we entered the water he said he had a lot of open water experience and skin swimming but not in the cold so was understandably nervous.
He took to it like a duck to Water pardoned the pun 😉
We had a little dip with him chatting about the group and ourselves and in return he told us he was visiting Wales with his girlfriend and that he loves Wales!  ( Who doesn't right)
As he did a little swim I turned to Sian and whispered "I think that's David hasslehoff , you know Baywatch man"  Sian immediately burst's out laughing and then he turns to us and with a playful smile on his face winks at us!
I'm absolutely stunned!

As we got out he had a massive smile on his face and said how much he enjoyed it.
We offered him another chance to swim with us but this time in the north of the county maybe st David's?

He immediately said yes and so after offering hot chocolate and cake to warm  up we swap details about a swim in st David's.

I'm overwhelmed at how easy a fella he was and a great sense of humour to boot. I liked him!

So Bluetits who wants to swim with David Hasslehoff in st David's?
Times to be arranged.

Wow what a day!


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