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You're gonna need a bigger boat

Greeted with glorious sunshine and a slight Westerly breeze on Tenby north beach last Monday. I met Deanna on the beach laying on my dry robe soaking up the vitamin D.
As I pulled my kit out the dry bag I noticed my tow float was burst! BUGGER!  So gutted as i had that float given to me by chill swim when I swam coniston, I've allready patched it up once so it seems it's not coming back to the Sea with me.
With this in mind we decided to stay real close to shore..... like real close as the Westerly wind had created what was to be a bumpy swim.
We got in and straight away I noticed the chill, but then this time of year I seem to feel it keenly as the sun has warmed you up so it always feels colder getting in....I don't know why.
We swam up the bay towards heart attack steps and than back and I was smiling to myself the whole time, the chop of the waves was lush and so much fun. We turned back around to head back to the steps when all I can describe was a bite/sting to my chest, I jumped and stood up immediately looking down for injuries , saw a little patch or red but when you swim in the sea all year round that's normal 😂 . Deanna stopped and asked what was wrong and I said I'd been stung, she laughed and said "they're back then ah well"   ( tough cookie that one) I brushed it off and carried on swimming.
We got out and I immediately noticed the area where I'd been stung had a rash. After dressing we layed in the sun drinking tea and chatting about what that could have been.
A few days later the rash had gone but a nasty  bruise had come up in it's place. As the bruise started to fade you could see what I thought looked like teeth marks in the bruise. I've shown the bruise to fellow swimmers and they've agreed with me that it does Indeed look like teeth marks.
So what was it?
It's true that I have previously been called the Bluetit jellyfish magnet, Sian joking with me that if there's only one in the bay then you can bet it'll find me, she even one year made me a jellyfish necklace ( not from actual jellyfish 🤣🤣).
Maddie who volunteers for sea trust said she'd ask her people in the know but I wouldn't believe what's lurking beneath the water, did I want to know? No thanks I'll live in ignorant bliss! 😂
Meanwhile Penny one of our Bluetits is sharing on FB about watching jaws while floating in a lake at night! Thanks for that in my head 🤣
So with the bruise fading I head back to north beach with Bluetit makala and get in and swim.
On that note I'll leave you with a quote from the mothership
"It's all completely normal!"

See you all out there 😉😉😋


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