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We're all perfectly normal here!

As usual I gotta say that this is my own personal journey into the Ice.
The things I do whether right or wrong is Just my story of what's happening with me and a need to be as honest as possible about it. Good,bad or indifferent.It's Sunday and I've lost my shore person that helps me ( husband) so I've got a different helper today. Jan the angelic dresser has agreed to come help me. It's wierd not having Phil here today but needs must and I know I'm well looked after with Jan and Sian here.
I've packed the gear and made my flask and hot Water bottles up and chucked them in the van with a million layers! I've bought rope and a bouy to mark out a 26 metre course to see if it changes thing's for me.I get to the pond and the ladies haven't arrived yet so I put the thermometer in the water and get the bouy out the van ready.
The temperature is 4.4 degrees, perfect! What isn't so perfect is that sodding lazy wind!Sian and Jan arrive and we set …

January Ice training

Sorry it's been a while since the last blog but as the saying goes "Life gets in the way while you are busy making other plans" or something like that....This is my own personal adventure into the Ice. I'll make mistakes along the way but hopefully learn from them, one can only hope! January has Been up and down for temps and for training. It's been an odd month.
My last 2 session at the pond haven't gone to plan and I've been berating myself ever since. I've been told to stop this by friends or there will be violence, Maddie has that gleam in her eye that she finally gets to crack me one and I'm not going into what sian on crutches can do iether! Last Sunday I met Sian at the pond, she was helping me plot a course for Ice mile. We had done the Google map plotting distance and thought to see how swimming that course would work out. The temp today is 3.9 with that lazy wind again.  The initial faffing of where to start was interesting, Sia…