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Winter training week 12th November

This last week has Been so up and down, water temperatures have been so reactive  to the weather at the pond.
At one point it was back up to 9 degree's so quite frustrating but still all good acclimatisation training. This Sunday was cooler. I felt it immediately getting up that morning as we tend not to use the heating, yes I know a cheap skate on paying for heating but all good for environment too eh?😁 I don't have to take my son to work this morning so I get to go early and catch the pond before the sun hits it hoorah! My hubby is not best pleased at this....."FFS woman it's Sunday morning" , so after a bribe he agrees to get a move on and come to the pond with me. I've eaten a good warming breakfast today.....left over curry on toast 😉.. And packed my bag. I've put my swimsuit on underneath my clothes today to be ready and try and limit my faffing.The drive to the pond is always exciting, my tummy rolling with nerve's, I can honestly say I'…