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Smack my bits up

So after a grueling swim week I get home to news of Keith Flint's death.  It saddened me no end as I have many happy memories of being pregnant with my first child listening to his music and my eldest being in his bouncer jumping up and down to prodigy as I cleaned the house.
I've titled this blog as a nod to Keith but also after reading I think you'll get to the why of it.

As always this is my personal journey so what happens is my own doing. Whether you think I'm right, wrong or just plain stupid  I'm hoping you can appreciate my blunt honesty about it.

So how is training? Sucks. Wish this sunny weather would do one! Honestly can't a girl catch a break! Too bloody warm mun!
I'm moaning I know.

On the upside I've had physio from the lovely Ann Welch AKA The Beast as I like to call her 😂🤣  She's fixed my shoulders with her new hammer. Yes the woman used a hammer on me and I gotta say it was awesome! By the time she got back to my wobbly elbow though I was begging her to use the hammer but no her hands would have to do! It hurt but she always fixes me. Thanks Ann XX

The temps have gone right up to 8.0 degrees ! They were hovering in the 6 s then 7s . This week saw the wind come and I was rubbing my hands with glee thinking the wind was going to cool the pond down considerably. Friday saw the lowest temp for 2 weeks at 6.1 , still not enough but I was happy.
I turned up Friday to the pond with hubby in tow. I'd previously packed my essentials kit etc but had run out of hot chocolate!  So i took tea, I hate tea! 
The wind is howling , it's vicious in its relentless whip, the bite of it stings and that's just taking the temperature. I notice the water level has dropped and it's under the pontoon, I'm surprised as it's rained.
I quickly get back into van to warm up before getting into water. I settle in the back and busy myself with laying out kit and hot water bottles ready for when I get out.
I get into my cossy, notice I've lost a little bit of weight as it's slightly loose on me.
I'm ready so I jump out the van and get in water as quickly as possible to avoid that wind as thinking I'm better off in the water than being bit by the elements. It kinda works 😂😂😂
I swim laps now I don't rely on my watch as we are far up in the preselli that my GPS goes nuts so I don't trust it. Perhaps it's just my watch as 4 year's being plunged into Icy water hasn't done it much good?
I've swum about 14 laps and don't feel right.... I'm slow, I almost feel anchored as I try to swim, this is tough today.
My chest is really cold but I swim on, my nipple feels sore and then a feeling hits like I've been punched in my left breast.
Frankly it's starting to freak me out now.
Phil shout's at me asking if I'm ok, I barely hear what he says so have to stop swimming to hear him, it's then that as I look down I notice my left breast has fallen out of my costume and is .... swaying.?.... floating...? Not quite sure what it's doing but it shouldn't be doing it. I quickly stand and place it back where it's supposed to be, I hear my hubby " f ing hell trace" I can hear him laughing so I flick him the finger and can see it's made his day. I'm so glad there isn't many people up here. I'm mortified. .... cancel that, most people know I don't really care 😂😂😂
Yes it's all very funny but my little wardrobe malfunction has cost me. My left breast is really cold and it's affected my swim, doesn't take much for me to get out of my stride. I swim on but can feel a sting in my nipple and I'm surprised I can feel it but there it is. I'm not feeling great.
I can feel myself getting teary under my goggles. Part embarrassed but mainly angry at A, my weight lose and B, my more than ample breasts again getting in the way!
I've had enough I decided, I get out. I struggle a bit getting out of pond as the wind is hitting my wet body and it's not plain sailing today.
Hubby pulls me out and drags me to the van where he helps me dress and I notice a few little scrapes on the underside of my breast and my nipple is flaming red and sore. I'm shocked as hadn't noticed but the cold water can numb quite s bit of your body at times.
My shivers today are quite pronounced. I don't think I've shivered quite like that before. My lips are blue and I always think if they are blue I've done enough, I don't feel I have but that wind and cossygate has taken it's toll on my recovery.
My hubby hands me the tea I made earlier and I sip thinking about what's happened today.
It is what it is I tell myself because at the end of the day that's pretty much it. So get over it sharratt I say to myself and think of next swim where I  won't be wearing that costume!

As I leave the pond wearing my layers and am snug in my Zone 3 onsie, Dry Robe and hugging a hot water bottle I think about next Sundays swim and what it will bring, I'm also thinking when I meet Maddie at the Pool later what she going to say? As I meet her I tell her what happened and she burst's out laughing!

Thanks mad always there keeping it real!


  1. Brilliant. I understand the malfunction issues ! Keep on keeping on! I'm definitely spotting you again soon, for the amusement . Temperatures seem to be dropping, so you'll be back awesome achievement before you know! Get some sudocream! X


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