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Here comes the sun little darlin .....

A little nod to say goodbye winter and sut Mae summer.

As I sat on the beach waiting for my pal Deanna to swim I take a look around and see  blue skies and sunshine  and have to acknowledge with a heavy heart that winter is definitely over. It actually brings a tear to my eyes.
I know right? It's sad.....  Well for me it is. I think I have SADS ( seasonal affective disorder) only being sad that winter is finished and summer is beginning. Why?
There's something about the winter that's different about the summer, forgetting the obvious that is 😂 , I like the shivering, I like wearing 20 layers after a swim and looking like the Michelin man, I like wearing my dry robe and wellies to the beach, I like my purple double lined hat with the tails I tie under my chin, I like  getting blue lips, I like getting white hands, I like when people ask if it's cold in there, I like that I can't feel my feet for an hour after my swim,  I like that I shake so much after I end up spilling my drink all over me,I like that sometimes I can't get a towel round me cos it's too windy and I end up flashing my bits and most of all I like laughing about all of those things. I'm going to miss it.
The friendships we form in cold water swimming are one of the most fundamental relationship's I've ever personally gained. The cold element provides so much more than we realize, the trust and mutual respect we have for each other is key. I've watched some of the chatter on the group's and you see the love and care shown by way of someone coming from work and no time to make a warm drink so someone volunteers to make a flask or an impromptu swim and someone has an extra suit and towel, it's made me smile. These friendships are tight and been bonded over the shivering , the sharing, the laughing, the language, the gossiping ( you know who you are), the helping someone dress and watching each others backs in the sea as after all mother nature does what she pleases and too bad if you're in her path by land or Sea.
So, although I'm very sad to see winter gone, what have I got to say about the start of the summer?

"Here comes the sun little darlin....... and I say's alright "😍

Lastly, to every tit and bell who have earned thier zip pull over the winter you are absolutely amazing and welcome to the madness.

PS, remember the Bluetits Moto " it's all fun and games til someone gets hyperthermia"


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