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Winter training week 12th November

This last week has Been so up and down, water temperatures have been so reactive  to the weather at the pond.
At one point it was back up to 9 degree's so quite frustrating but still all good acclimatisation training.

This Sunday was cooler. I felt it immediately getting up that morning as we tend not to use the heating, yes I know a cheap skate on paying for heating but all good for environment too eh?😁

I don't have to take my son to work this morning so I get to go early and catch the pond before the sun hits it hoorah! My hubby is not best pleased at this....."FFS woman it's Sunday morning" , so after a bribe he agrees to get a move on and come to the pond with me.

I've eaten a good warming breakfast today.....left over curry on toast 😉.. And packed my bag. I've put my swimsuit on underneath my clothes today to be ready and try and limit my faffing.

The drive to the pond is always exciting, my tummy rolling with nerve's, I can honestly say I've never done a sport where even the training causes so much excitement. I know I'm wierd 😂

We pull up beside pond and I spot straight away that it's a lot more windier here, the pond isn't rippling it's waving quite a bit. As I step out of the van I feel that lazy wind hit me ( it's lazy cos it won't go round you goes through you 😉)  . Ok this will be fun today!

Temperature taken and I'm happy with the 7.4 reading although bit lower would be nice!

Right, time to crack on.
I do all my usual faff of where and how my clothes are placed for when I get back to van, making sure my hat is going to be cosy warm with the hot water bottle inside it. I take off my clothes and quickly put cap and goggles on and I'm ready!

I step into the water holding onto the grass on the bank to keep me a bit more steadier and not fall into the water, the bite is there , that sudden rush of adrenaline that says "OH hello again, I've really missed you"  . Hands go in immediately,I do a bit of a swish in the water with them to get blood pumping and to get used to the feel of the water. As the rest of my body goes slowly in I'm thinking I found this entry a lot Better than at 9 degrees.... odd. I do a couple breast strokes and then get my Head down.
Today I'm aiming for longer laps of the pond and I do a few of them before I feel the pads of my hands have started to seeze up , they feel hard and of course cold but almost feels like someone has taken a hammer to them LoL. I've learnt to ignore it when this happens , I'm just grateful it's not my fingers doing it this time and it's Just the pads. I'm cracking on with the Swim and all going good, that wind is making it's presence known though, every time I lift my arm out I can feel the sting of the wind.
I've done a few long laps and a good few shorter ones, i say I'm getting out and of course  go and do another lap! I look at my watch,the bloody thing has stopped tracking again! it's a mix of not great signal there and temperature of water maybe that makes it misbehave or just watch is old. I've got a suunto ambit 3 sport and although I love it,it may need to be replaced which is Very sad.

I'm out of the pond, stripped off the wet swimming cossy and getting dried and dressed chatting to Phil about the swim. I've got a little scarf that I wrapped around the hot water bottle and is now placed underneath my boob's, I've found this is one of my cold spots of my body and last to warm up so as it's close to my core I try and get warmth there quickly. On goes my top then hat all warmed up by hot water bottle. The rest of my clothes go on and with a little shimmy I get into the onsie.

My body is starting to go through the process of shaking, all completely normal.
For me there's a chain of events and I always start with "oh here they come!" and a good old laugh as the onset of them always makes me giggle. The second isn't so nice but still I talk to myself  and I go between "oh I don't like this"  and "this is completely normal, remain calm you tit"  the whole thing for me is an excerise in remaining calm. The third bit always makes me laugh, you can feel the shivers leaving your body  and the feeling is calming and mind-blowing relaxing but Just as you think they gone they come back! I had a couple of times where I think yep they've gone and then I'll shiver more LoL 😂

I love the whole process of it even trying to drink my hot chocolate and not being able to keep cup straight from shaking, even when i end up tipping it all over myself!

I've drunk my hot chocolate and warmed up enough to leave ( hubby driving) . I give Wendy and Steve a wave  in their office on way out and head home.

Been a good Swim today. Worth getting up early for.
Bring on the next one.

I'll do a blog for our Bluetit swim event in Solva next week.
We're all looking forward to it and hope to see you there.


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